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I grew up in a home where antiques were always being refinished and decorating projects were a way of life. My most memorable project was decorating my bedroom in orange, lime green, and yellow during the days of Twiggy and the British music invasion. 
From there it was a short leap to fixing up my first apartment and seven houses. New and shiny have never been sought after, it’s always been about repairing, preserving, and beautifying items that have been neglected, yet have survived due to their quality, design, and craftsmanship. 

VintageLulu’s is the result of that lifestyle. Our mission is to offer an alternative to the mass marketplace of questionably made home furnishings. Our vintage furniture is meticulously renovated and restyled using only the highest quality paints and finishes. We hope you’ll like what you find.

Nowadays it’s called upcycling. For me, it’s always been a way of life.  
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