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“For me, that which is divine rests in the pursuit of beauty.” John F. Saladino, American interior designer

Beauty in nature. Beautiful surroundings. Beautiful souls. Beauty transforms. Beauty elevates. At VintageLulu’s, creating beautiful, functional furniture has been the foundation of our business for 8 years. The antique and vintage we transform begin as pieces with character and unique details that over time have lost their original shine. Inspiration is found in nature, classic design, and art; good design that has stood the test of time. The transformation reflects each piece and enhances its unique characteristics. Our philosophy is to create elegant simplicity and never overplay our hand on a piece. The result is “beautiful”, a word frequently used to describe our furniture.

VintageLulu’s specializes in an organic blend of natural, rustic, and romantic furniture and home décor. We love the relaxed European country style of old plaster walls and chandeliers. The shop is filled with beautiful hand-painted vintage furniture, antiques, mirrors, chandeliers, lamps, and other treasures.